How to Get People to Attend Local Festivals

So you have set up the date for a festival you are planning, conceptualised the idea of the event, and you are feeling excited about it? One of the things which makes planning such a chore for most people is not actually coming up with the idea. The biggest headache is always on how to get people interested and actually attend the festival. There is nothing as frustrating as putting all your energy in planning for an event, only for a handful of people to show up, leaving the festival rather empty. Some of the tips to get many attendees to your festival include the following.

Plan Early

If you want many people to come to the festival, then it cannot be a last-minute thing. You should plan in advance and send the invites as early as a month before the main event. This gives people time to create room in their calendar, and the other advantage is that you get all the time to add the needed details to the event.

Use Social Media Networks

Never underestimate the actual power of social media in sending messages across. Social media has been used successfully to bring about change, and it can also be used effectively to attract attendees. You can do sponsored posts which run on social media or create a page where you put advertisements relating to the upcoming event.

Link it to Charity

People like it when the event they are attending is sponsoring a good cause. To get more people to participate in a festival, make it charitable. For instance, if it is an arts festival, make part of the proceeds go towards animal protection. You can also bring on board other like-minded institutions so that they co-sponsor the event.

Engage Professionals

If you want to blow up attendance to your event, work with professionals. Bring a marketer on board, hire a professional photographer, work with a social media influencer, and make sure that they are using their knowledge to help you advertise the event. If you are working with a limited budget, you can ask people to volunteer.

Make Invites Personal

The message which you are sending to potential attendees should be personal. Do not make it feel as though you are in it just for the gains that their attendance will bring. Make them feel like they matter, by writing them personal messages, and ensuring that the invite spells out the mandate of the event.