Tips on Planning a Local Festival

Putting together a successful local festival for music, creative arts, animals, dance or sports can be one of the most fulfilling things to do. If you are passionate about such festivals, then watching people streaming into an event you have organised, brings with it a sense of self-worth. However, unless you follow the right guide, you can end up feeling overwhelmed with the planning process. Some of the tips for having a successful festival include the following.

Work with a Team

It helps to bring more people on board if you want things to flow smoothly. Resist the urge to be a one-person show and let in as many people as you can to help. You may even need a professional event planner, especially if the festival is going to be big. You should also consider adding people who will not only help with the initial planning, but also with activities such as serving food, checking on electronics, and welcoming and guiding participants, among other details.

Have a Solid Purpose

Festivals are not held just for the sake of it. Before you start planning, make sure that you know why you are holding the festival. Is it to raise funds? Raise awareness? Or are you merely doing it to bring together different artists? Whatever the reason is, you should bear it in mind, as the purpose influences several planning moves, including the people to invite and the theme of the event.

Set a Proper Budget

You should come up with a proper budget or estimate of what the festival will cost. This should put into consideration the cost of hiring a venue, paying for performances if the performers need to be paid, food, accommodation for the participants, and other logistics which may come up. Having a budget helps in fixing entry fees and other details that might help in cushioning you from financial losses.

Consider the Neighbourhood

Before booking the venue, you should consider how practical it is. For instance, as much as it might be cheaper to have the festival close to your house, you should ask if the neighbourhood is okay with having performances. There are some neighbourhood associations which forbid this kind of event, so it is better to do research and make inquiries first.

Seek out Sponsors

Depending on how big you want the event to be, you can seek out sponsors and ask them to help with the organising. They can be corporate entities or individuals. Make sure that you approach sponsors whose mandate is in line with the kind of festival which you are planning. For example, if you have a music festival for youth, it would be great to approach companies that have shown a passion for working with young people. Let them know how they will benefit from sponsoring the event by coming up with a clear proposal.

Use Social Media

When it comes to publicity and getting people to attend the event, using social media can help a great deal. Make a poster and plan for a series of posts which you will be putting out on social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and blogs, to get more people interested. You can also do a random search of events boards in your area and put the invite there so that it reaches as many people as possible.